Sunday, June 27, 2010

Somerville Theatre Needs to Listen Up to Its Cambridge Fan Base

We went by the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square yesterday, and were glad to see it's got a better batch of movies showing than it has had for the last few weeks. But some Facebook chatter (below) has got us down on the Somerville Theatre.

It's great they say the sound system is fixed, but is this just the same person who told us there was no problem with the sound on the night we saw Kick-Ass? Don't feel like laying down good money to find out. So we'll lighten up when they listen up.

Somerville Theatre: Wow, a lady just came in off the street to tell us that the movies we show are "beneath us" - whatever that means. Who does that? Hopefully she will find her way back to Cambridge... June 17 at 5:09pm
Left Bank of the Charles: If you walked from Cambridge with the thought there is always something good at the Somerville Theater and the only choices were Babies, Get Him to the Greek, Sex & the City 2 you might be thinking the same dark thoughts too. June 17 at 11:07pm
Somerville Theatre: Well we happen to like some of those films, and ALL of them have been popular, and two of them are well reviewed, if that means anything. We don't care for snobbery - no film is "beneath" us, as we are a place for the masses, NOT the elite, and always have been. We're a popcorn palace, not a palace of pretension. June 18 at 1:11am
Left Bank of the Charles: If you want to insult your Cambridge customers as snobs, fine, I can go elsewhere to get my Kick-Ass.   June 18 at 3:10pm
Somerville Theatre: lighten up my friend! We're not saying everyone from Cambridge is a snob - but any Somervillian can tell you poking fun at the People's Republic is an old 'ville tradition. :)  We did have a sound issue with Kick Ass in that smaller house, but it was fixed - you won't find better projection staff than here - 100+ years of collective experience in the booth!  June 18 at 3:56pm

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