Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alvin Greene Exhibit B: The Accuser's Helicopter Mother

The mother of Alvin Greene's accuser also gave an interview. She comes across as a real helicopter parent who is having trouble accepting that her 18-year-old daughter is now an adult.

"This is about the fact a man that would solict in my opinion a child, it was a matter of six months that defined whether she was a child or not as far as the legal system goes."

"Just because of 6 months being 17 or 18 he was allowed to get away with it then."

And then there is this gem:

"Why is there a section of the Constitution that allows federal positions to judge themselves instead of being vetted like you have to do to be in a state office? And I think there should be an Amendment to our Constitution that requires all government offices whether be they state, local, or federal to be properly vetted and their backgrounds checked out even before they are allowed to file."

This sounds awfully close to the arguments the birther conspiracy theorists have made.

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