Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How to Hit a Million Views without Really Trying

I've all but dropped out of the blogger game, with 17 posts in 2017, 7 posts in 2018, and just this 1 in 2019. And yet somehow in that time period Ive gone from 500,000 views to over 1,000,000. That's 690,471* on the blog and 373,476 on the companion YouTube channel. Call it the power of compound interest.

Here are the top 10 posts on the blog:

17,001 John Stamos to Star with Olsen Twins in Two and a Half Women March 7, 2011
8,319 Picturing Republican Presidents for Next 24 Years March 1, 2017
7,930 We'll Always Have Paris When It Sizzles June 1, 2017
7,889 Trump's Great Wall Sinks into the Swamp April 30, 2017
7,828 Hitting the Half Million View Mark November 14, 2016
7,796 Boston Skyline April 1, 2017
7,338 How Michael Moore Dog-Whistled Trump Victory January 31, 2017
5,954 Stood up on My First Uber Ride September 15, 2016
5,808 Future Site of Garage B, Former Site of Lanes and Games September 2, 2017
4,391 Harvard Reenlists in the U.S. Navy ROTC March 5, 2011

* I should mention that 198,418 views came from a bot farm in Romania, so I'll need to do this post again for real when I hit the 1.2 million mark. Meanwhile, there is another run over on YouTube, with 124,630 views and counting on the video Calling Cows to the Bull Fight.