Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Will Brexit Move the UK from the EU to the TU?

As the Parliament of the United Kingdom gets ready for its Brexit vote, former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband is quoted:
"I can go along with the Prime Minister that 'Brexit means Brexit,'" he said. "But I cannot go along with the idea that Brexit means Trump. And nor do I believe that is inevitable, and nor do I believe that is what the British people want either."
I think Donald Trump intuitively senses that the EU will stiff the UK on trade, and the US can step into that void. It might be fun to have EU-style open borders between the US and UK. Call it the TU (Trump Union). The TU could also add Canada (but not Mexico of course) and maybe Australia and New Zealand.

I would have a few conditions:

(1) The common currency will be the U.S. dollar. Keep your pounds, loonies, aussies, and kiwis as souvenirs.

(2) The monarchy will have to go. Queen Elizabeth II can be allowed to serve out her life term but the line of succession ends with her.

(3) Standardized (not -ised) spelling with no more Queen's English.