Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Calm Between the Snowstorms

A few days after the big blizzard, things had gotten back to normal in Harvard Square.

And in the neighborhood, we were even seeing the garbage at the end of the snow tunnel.

But we are getting more snow this weekend and continuing into Monday.

It took the couple who own this car snowbank 45 minutes to dig it out Sunday afternoon.On Sunday night it's well on its way to getting plowed back in.

My Jeep is ready to go just as soon as I brush the snow off the windows, which I'm not doing because the inspection sticker expired February 1.

This is what counts as a plowed street after two weeks of snowstorms. My Jeep needs that berm of snow to protect it from the idiots with poor traction trying to come up that ever-so-slight hill.

Here's another walkabout, between the snowstorms.