Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kesha Rogers Rallies Texas Democrats to Lyndon LaRouche's Battle Cry of Freedom

Kesha Rogers is a young African-American woman running for Congress in Texas (Tom Delay's former district). She won the Democratic primary with 53% of the vote.

Here Kesha and her campaign staff sing the Civil War song "The Battle Cry of Freedom" with the rousing words, "down with the tratiors, up with the stars." On the subject of stars, Kesha wants NASA to colonize Mars. On putting down traitors, she wants to impeach President Barack Obama.

Kesha is clearly running as not your average Democrat: "I have fought long and hard on behalf of the ideals and principles of the true Democratic Party best represented by Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon LaRouche, even at the expense of happily putting myself at odds with the now discredited 'mainstream' leadership of my party."

Yes, she has marked herself as one of those crazy LaRouchers. The district includes southeastern Houston and its southern suburbs. A Mars colonization project would bring a ot of federal money to the NASA facilities and contractors in and aorund Houston, so maybe she is not so crazy after all.

But can she win the general election in November? The Texas Democratic Party is going to give her no help at all, which might be the best help of all. And this district could be considered crackpot friendly as it did repeatledly elect Ron Paul and Tom Delay. So, yes, she can.

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