Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Russia Spy Houses on Trowbridge Street

Another summer, another national scene of the crime for Cambridge. This time it is the two homes on Trowbridge Street where accused Russian spies Donald Heathfield and Ann Foley lived in Cambridge before their Sunday arrest.

What's this? Trowbridge Street is closed to everyone but residents and TV trucks?

No, it's just a public works crew poring cement for some street work. Coincidence?

The condo at 35 Trowbridge Street where Heathfield and Foley recently moved.

Another view. I lived at 33 Trowbridge in the same connected building during the summer of 1985, twenty-five years ago. The window on the first floor left with the partly drawn blind was my bedroom.

The townhouse at 111 Trowbridge where Heathfield and Foley lived for many years and where the FBI cloak and dagger searches and eavesdropping took place.

Their townhouse was among a group of several facing townhouses. Lots of close neigbors, not exactly a quiet location.

Someone is moving. (Heathfield and Foley previously moved to the other location.)

This UPS truck happened to pick 111 Trowbridge as a place to park while the driver went through alll the boxes in back. Another coincidence?

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