Friday, June 4, 2010

Mennonites and Girl Fights

I got a suggestion from my blogger friend Aleister at American Glob to rename this blog Mennonites and Girl Fights. He's been watching my companion YouTube channel.

I've got a hot new video called Girl Fight in Harvard Square which since being posted May 21, 2010 has run up 480 views:

It's chasing the top video Mennonite Choir in Harvard Square, which has rung up 4,483 views since June 26, 2009:

Between them they account for 69% of the 7,187 views on the Left Bank of the Charles YouTube channel. That's right, 69%. The other 50 videos account for the remaining 31%, a good example of the long tail they talk about on the internet.

Now this is what I love about living and working in Harvard Square. You walk out of work and some days it's a Mennonite choir, other days it's a girl fight.

Now, if I really want to go viral, I need to film and post a Mennonite Girl Fight. You would watch, you know you would.

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