Sunday, June 27, 2010

Harvard Loves Its Drop Outs to Skip Straight to Selling Out

Speech Bill Gates gave at the Harvard commencement in June 2007:

With the speech broken into 5 parts on YouTube, one can see how much of the initial audience Gates retained though all 5 parts.

PartView CountRetention

With the introduction of his theme of applying our knowledge to reduce inequities in the world at the end of Part 1, 1% of his audience skipped straight to the end and 70% of his audience dropped out. The core audience that watched all the way through was about 8%. That may not seem like a lot, but it may be all that progressives need.

"You think you can hold on to those lofty ambitions of a life of nobility? Still have your ideals do you? Going to use that big brain of yours to make a difference? Going to make the world a better place? Be an agent for change? Volunteer? Going to get a job in the public sector? Sacrifice the big bucks because that doesn't matter to you? Maybe spend a few years in the Peace Corps? Save the Whales maybe? Maybe join the Environmental Defense Council? Recycle? Going to clean up a few rivers like JFK Jr.? Volunteer for legal aid for the underprivileged? Go to Africa? No, you're going to sell out."

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