Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is Alvin Greene a Plant for the Hatfield Clan?

Camille McCoy describes her encounter last October with Alvin Greene, which is the subject of outstanding felony obscenity charges against him. Alvin Greene won the South Carolina Democratic primary for U.S. Senate last week.

OK, as she describes it this went down pretty much as I had thought. Guy meets girl in freshman dorm computer lab. Guy talks to girl about football. Guy shows her internet porn depicting woman on man sex. Girl is uncomfortable and asks guy to leave. Guy suggests they go to her room (i.e. that they leave together). Girl declines and goes back to her room alone. Girl calls mom. Mom calls campus police.

What's not clear is how the campus police caught the guy. Was he still sitting there in the computer lab watching the porn? My guess is that he is getting charged for what the police saw him doing on the internet, not what may have occurred earlier.

And Shepard Smith also explored the "no harm in asking" point of view:

"I'm trying to be fair about this. All right. You're not technically underage. He showed you some pictures you didn't like. You walked away. If that was the end of it ..."

I do have a new theory about where Alvin Greene may have gotten the money for his primary filing fee. It wasn't a Republican, it was a Hatfield. That Hatfield-McCoy feud has been going on since 1865. Well, the Hatfields sure put a good one over on the McCoys this time.

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