Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alvin Greene Exhibit D: The Accused Stands up for Justice

Alvin Greene gives one of his first interviews after winning the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate on June 8 and the question of the obscenity charges was asked.

Q: Did you do it?
A: I have no comment.

Alvin Greene has maintained remarkable message discipline. He keeps coming back to his central theme that he wants to get South Carolina back to work and get South Carolina's priorities in order. But he also talks about his 3-issue campaign: jobs, better education for our children, and justice in the judicial system.

In another interview he talks about how South Carlina spends twice as much on prisons as on education. That is the priority he is talking about getting in order. And it doesn't go to far to suppose that a feeling of personal injustice may well be what got him into the Senate race. So it's also remarkable that he is trying to stay above that and is not trying to play the race card.

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