Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guess Who Made Emily's List and Who Didn't

Emily's List is the political action committee whose single-minded mission is the election of women, so long as they are Democrats and prochoice. Of course, prochoice Republican women, prolife Democratic women, and prochoice men need not apply.

Here's the list of who the Emilistas are supporting in the November 2010 races:

Diane DenishGovernorNew Mexico
Margaret Anderson KelliherGovernorMinnesota
Alex SinkGovernorFlorida
Deb MarkowitzGovernorVermont
Robin CarnahanU.S. SenateMissouri
Kirsten GillibrandU.S. SenateNew York
Barbara MikulskiU.S. SenateMaryland
Patty MurrayU.S. SenateWashington
Karen BassU.S. HouseCalifornia
Barbara BoxerU.S. HouseCalifornia
Tarryl ClarkU.S. HouseMinnesota
Suzan DelBeneU.S. HouseWashington
Gabrielle GiffordsU.S. HouseArizona
Debbie HalvorsonU.S. HouseIllinois
Colleen HanabusaU.S. HouseHawaii
Jane HarmanU.S. HouseCalifornia
Mary Jo KilroyU.S. HouseOhio
Ann KirkpatrickU.S. HouseArizona
Suzanne KosmasU.S. HouseFlorida
Ann McLane KusterU.S. HouseNew Hampshire
Julie LassaU.S. HouseWisconsin
Carolyn MaloneyU.S. HouseNew York
Betsy MarkeyU.S. HouseColorado
Terri SewellU.S. HouseAlabama
Carol Shea-PorterU.S. HouseNew Hampshire
Betty SuttonU.S. HouseOhio
Dina TitusU.S. HouseNevada

So who is not on this list?

Martha Coakley got the tap from Emily's List in last January's special election for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. Martha lost that election but is running for reelection this November for Massachusetts Attorney General. Maybe Martha forgot to send her Thank You notes.

Blanche Lincoln is running for reelection for U.S. Senate in Arkansas. Blanche just barely eked out a victory against a tough primary challenger and now faces a tough Republican challenger in November. She is on the brag list of women Emily's List helped elect. So why isn't she on the 2010 list?

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