Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yes, We Have a Form for Dealing Marijuana Illegally

The nanny state has forms even for illegal activity. If you want to deal Marijuana illegally in Massachusetts, you'll need to complete Form CST-1, Marijuana and Controlled Substances, Stamp Order Form:

"Pursuant to Chapter 64K of the Massachusetts General Laws, a tax shall be imposed on a dealer of marijuana and controlled substances. A dealer is a person who, in violation of Massachusetts law, manufactures, produces, ships, transports, or imports into the Commonwealth or in any manner acquires or possesses more than forty grams of marijuana, or seven or more grams of a controlled substance which is not sold by weight."
The form has a place for your name and address, but you might want to read the not-so-fine print:

"For mailing purposes only. You are not required to identify yourself on this form. Completion of this section is optional."
And put your checkbook away:

"Pay by cash, certified check or money order only. Personal checks will not be accepted. Send cash at your own risk. Make certified checks or money orders payable to Commonwealth of Massachusetts."
Does that make the Commonwealth your coconspirator? Better hurry, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue is running out of stamps.

Hat tip: Universal Hub.

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