Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Alan Khazei Bows Out of U.S. Senate Race in Massachusetts

Alan Khazei has been running a spirited campaign for U.S. Senate:

But tomorrow he will be officially bowing out of the race. Alan put his decision on the changing dynamics of the race and not seeing a path to win, which can be seen quite clearly on Facebook.

Scott Brown238,930
Elizabeth Warren62,740
Alan Khazei4,713
Setti Warren2,296
Bob Massie1,463
Marisa DeFranco354
Herb Robinson-
Jim King-

Scott Brown is the clear favorite, and the Democrats desparately need to catch up. This by the way is almost a complete reversal of the situation Republicans face against President Obama.

Was Khazei's admission that he cannot see a path to victory a recognition of the strength of Elizabeth Warren, the heavy hitter Washington Democrats sent to retake the old Ted Kennedy seat? Or was it a recognition that the people have grown comfortable with Scott Brown in the people's seat?

In Massachusetts, it all comes down to independent voters. Can those independent voters go into the booth in November 2012 and punch their ballots for both Brown and Obama? Yes, they can. And they probably will.

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