Sunday, October 23, 2011

Talking About the 2012 Republican Candidates

Facebook has a new metric. You can now see not only how many followers a candidate has but also how many people are "talking about" the candidate.

CandidateTalking about
Herman Cain71,131
Ron Paul70,504
Mitt Romney42,687
Michele Bachmann38,930
Newt Gingrich16,052
Rick Perry7,197
Gary Johnson4,778
Rick Santorum2,968
Jon Huntsman2,241

The anybody but Romney crowd now seems to be splitting their attention between Herman Cain and Ron Paul. If Romney focuses entirely on Cain, he may risk a Ron Paul surprise.

Michelle Bachman has been leaking support on Facebook, but it appears those who remain are still talking about her. She may do better in the votes than people expect.

Newt Gingrich has a huge following on twitter, so maybe he should rank higher than he does here.

If Rick Perry is making a big comeback after the Vegas debate, where many said he did better than in the past debates, they are not talking about it on Faceboook.

The rest of the field has been nice to have around, but it may be time to stop talking about them.

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