Saturday, October 15, 2011

Republicans Tweet But Are Enough People Listening?

The Twitter gap may reflect the general lack of enthusiasm for the Republican 2012 candidates. Aside from gadfly Newt Gingrich, not many people are following what the Republicans have to say.

CandidateFollowers on 6/15/2011Followers on 8/15/2011Followers on 10/15/2011
Barack Obama8,628,2739,654,44610,576,757
Newt Gingrich1,324,9041,327,0131,334,848
Mitt Romney51,58071,882134,459
Herman Cain43,54258,164118,117
Michele Bachmann52,10075,731104,362
Rick Perry44,43862,89596,509
Ron Paul54,45561,76370,778
Jon Huntsman70411,87541,107
Rick Santorum10,52917,42432,059
Gary Johnson--14,113
Donald Trump615,671686,929802,054
Sarah Palin561,050632,179677,857
Mike Huckabee165,040183,523185,516
Mike Bloomberg99,413132,520174,137
Jim DeMint95,266110,421112,931
Paul Ryan59,09472,07381,203
Chris Christie42,04150,83268,657
Bobby Jindal59,59861,53064,196
Tim Pawlenty40,98148,99255,508
Thaddeus McCotter-19,72627,477
Jeb Bush14,93717,26319,864
Total Republican Followers3,335,3433,702,7354,215,752

The problem for Newt Gingrich is that everyone wants to hear what he has to say but no one wants to vote for him. Mitt Romney moved up one spot while Herman Cain moved up three slots. Rick Santorum dropped a notch to seoond-to-last place. Almost forgot about Gary Johnson.

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