Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mitt Romney Caught Between Southern Baptists, Rick Perry, Democrats.org, and Occupy Wall Street

Mitt Romney has reestablished himself as the frontrunner for the Republican nomination only to come under fire from all sides.

It starts with Southern Baptist pastor Dr. Robert Jefress, who says he'd rather have a genuine Christian than a "cult" Mormon as President. And while the good pastor says he would hold his nose and vote for Mitt should Mitt get the nomination, he also says that come election day 30 million evangelical voters will stay home.

Then he's got Rick Perry essentially equating Mitt Romney with Barack Obama, particularly on the issue of health care.

Not to be outdone, Democrats.org has hit Mitt for flip-flopping on abortion rights, the auto industry bailout, the economic stimulus bill, the recession, health care, and Ronald Reagan.

Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street has been laying into wealthy businessman like Mitt Romney with their slogan "We Are the 99%." Their signs might as well read, "Mitt Romney need not apply."

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