Friday, October 28, 2011

Firing Tear Gas on Occupy Oakland Just Confuses the Issues

Is it too cycnical to suggest that a police crackdown that sends an Iraq war vet to the hospital with a head injury is just what the Occupy movement needed?

OK, white protesters like Keith Olbermann demanding an Asian-American woman mayor fire an African-American police chief or resign herself is fun to watch. But tear gas cannisters just confuse the issues being learned. Rain, snow, and subzero temperatures will do a much better job. Why use force to dislodge them when they'll be home by Christmas.

One could not devise a better lesson in the inherent problems of socialism, or a better way for that lesson to be learned than through self-administration by radical socialism's most ardent adherents. And by spreading these reeducation camps throughout the country and not just NYC, look how they have increased the educational opportunities.

Now it could get really ugly when the crowd figures out that the Obama student debt relief plan is a 10% tax for life on going to college that people who get good jobs or don't have student loans don't have to pay. But it will probably take them to age 40 to figure that out.

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