Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sarah Palin Brings Girl Power to Rolling Thunder

Sara Palin roared into Washington, DC on the back of a Harley today, just like you always knew she would, "in black leathers, a black helmet and heels" reports the New York Daily News.

Next on the Palin agenda is a bus trip to New Hampshire, ifkwimaityd. This will only gether better if she names her bus "Further". I call this her "my former aide called me a lying bitch in his new book but I am not afraid to show my face in public" tour.

Meanwhile, Arizona Senator John McCain, the other half of the Republican Avengers was asked whether she can take the Presidency away from Barack Obama: "Of course, she can. She can. Now, whether she will or not, whether she'll even run or not, I don't know."

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