Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Obamas Upstage Queen Elizabeth II in Ireland

First Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip visited Ireland. Then came President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Queen Elizabeth II waits impatiently for her Guinness to be poured.

We are amused, thinks the Queen, by these quaint Irish beverages.

The Prince looks down his nose at the perfectly-poured pint while the Queen walks away without even a taste. Leaving all Ireland to wonder who if anyone got to drink the Queen's pint. A Guiness is a terrible thing to waste.

Barack toasts with a pint, Michelle with a half pint. He's got his eyes on the prize. Sláinte!

Barack quaffs his pint, "The first President I've actually seen drink the black stuff like he's not ashamed of something." That's going to leave a mustache.

Michelle Obama learns the perfect pour. Leaving all Ireland wondering who got to drink the pints poured by the First Lady.

Hat tip to broadsheet.ie, with pub pictures from past U.S. President visits, which points out that there is no law that says Ireland has to do this.


Anonymous said...

The Queen is in her 80's; Philip is in his 90's. At that age, high blood pressure is an issue, and Guinness will elevate the blood pressure. BTW, you inject your bias into the captions: the Queen did not look "impatient" but curious; Philip did not "look down his nose" but merely looked. Obama is a greedy pig, as can be attested to by the many pictures showing him fulling his face. It is protocol and old age that keeps the Queen from sipping a Guinness. It is lack of understanding of protocol and greed that makes Obama indulge in the Guinness and make the many mistakes that he did on his trip to Britain.

Daniel M said...

a sip of guinness will not raise blood pressure. the captions were meant to be humorous.
obama is not royalty. he can have guinness in public. he is not a god, so he makes mistakes. unlike 'anonymous',he does not mind showing his face and admitting errors (and signing his name).

Anonymous said...

Why isn't he in the White House trying to work on our falling economy?He's traveling the world while America sinks, and humiliating himself due to lack of class. What a MAROON!! Really presidential.