Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bill Clinton Puts Paul Ryan Back in the Medicare Reform Game

Bill Clinton seemed to resurrect Paul Ryan, first in a public speech, then in some backstage remarks. You can see that a dispirited Paul Ryan was encouraged, but just what is Bill Clinton's game:

"You shouldn't draw the conclusion that the New York race means that nobody can do anything solve the rising Medicare costs. I just don't agree with that. I think you should draw the conclusion that the people made a judgment that this proposal in the Republican is not the right one. I agree with that, but I'm afraid that the Democrats will draw the conclusion that because Congressman Ryan's proposal, I think, is not the best one, that we shouldn't do anything and I completely disagree with that."

Clinton: "I’m glad we won this race in New York. I hope Democrats don't use this as an excuse to do nothing."

Ryan: "My guess is it’s going to sink into paralysis is what’s going to happen. And you know the math. It’s just, I mean, we knew we were putting ourselves out there. You gotta start this. You gotta get out there. You gotta get this thing moving."

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