Monday, May 23, 2011

Congress is a Drag on Favorability Ratings for 2012 Republicans

A Suffok University poll illustrates the problem facing 2012 Republican Presidential candidates. Most of them come out of state government, but what is happening in Congress is dragging them down.

Is your opinion generally favorable or unfavorable?

Democrats:FavorableUnfavorableHeard of/
Heard of
Hillary Clinton59%33%8%0%
Barack Obama51%42%6%0%
Joe Biden44%41%13%2%
Harry Reid18%40%23%19%
Mike Huckabee41%30%23%5%
Mitt Romney39%32%23%6%
Tim Pawlenty18%16%28%38%
John Boehner26%30%23%20%
Michele Bachman20%28%22%30%
Mitch Daniels10%14%30%46%
Rick Santorum15%21%26%39%
Ron Paul24%34%25%17%
Newt Gingrich29%50%18%3%
Sarah Palin31%58%11%0%
Donald Trump18%70%12%0%

This poll was taken while Newt-Trump were organizing the Wet Raccoon Club. The high unfavorables show why Sarah Palin probably won't run despite having the fire in the belly for it. Any it shows why Mitch Daniels, the guy no one has heard of, dropped out.

That explains the bottom of the list but what about the middle of the list? To understand that you must look at Reid and Boehner and the job approval ratings for Congress relative to President Obama.

Job Approval:ApproveDisapproveUndecided
President Obama47%45%8%

That's a pretty big gap. The old saw is that everyone hates Congress but loves their own Congressman. But with Republicans in control of the agenda in Congress after winning back the House in the last election, it apears the President has let them crawl out on a limb and is now sawing it off.

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