Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scott Brown Winning Massachusetts Senate Race on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

Whatever else you want to say about the Massachusetts Senate Race, one thing is clear, candidate Scott Brown is winning big on the internet.

Scott went viral on YouTube with his JFK Republican ad, in which President John Kennedy morphs into Scott Brown as both read a Kennedy speech in which JFK called for tax cuts to stimulate the creation of new jobs.

But Scott is also clocking hits for his video driving around Massachusetts campaigning in his big, black pickup truck. You've got to admire a man who can get 200,000 miles out of a GM vehicle. (I think it's a GM truck, but can't tell for sure, and you're welcome to set the record straight in the comments.)

YouTube views148,99715,2823,269
Facebook friends27,1877,8871,281
Twitter followers5,7592,443185

Note: YouTube views based on 10 most viewed videos on each candidate's channel.

Can Scott translate his internet surge into votes at the polls on Tuesday, January 19? Conventional wisdom says no, but we'll know in a week.

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