Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Next Cool Trend: Designer 3-D Glasses

We think we're onto what is going to be the cool new trend in fashion: designer and prescription 3-D glasses.

With many new movies coming out in RealD 3-D format, moviegoers are going to have to get used to wearing 3-D glasses. But why wear the generic pair issued by the movie house? And if you wear glasses already, how ridiculous does it look wearing the 3-D glasses on top of your regular glases.

Young moviegoers will naturally want to exhibit their own sense of style and taste. It can only be a matter of time before someone starts selling designer and prescription 3-D glasses. Just think of all the accessories, such as designer cases for your 3-D glasses and designer dongles so you can easier take them on and off.

And if the eyeglass makers can craft a lens that can be used for sunglasses as well as 3-D movie viewing, then you're going to see a whole new opening for eyewear.

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