Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Girls with the Curious Clams

OK, we couldn't resist posting this picture, even if it has been already posted everywhere else on the internet. As near as we can tell it was posted first by AnimalNewYork.com on the day after the special election in Massachusetts.

The site says only that the picture was posted by "a tipster who is friends with Scott Brown’s daughter Ayla." She's the older, taller daughter on the left. The one Scott Brown announced was available on election night. And ready to play basketball with the President of the United States.

What we know about the picture is that it was taken in the Brown's kitchen in Wrentham, which has featured in one of Scott Brown's commercials. We'd recognize those yellow kitchen cabinets anywhere. And from the stuff on the counters as well as the attire we can see that a party is in progress.

So let's round up the usual suspects on who took the picture.

(1) Former boyfriend of Alya. Obviously a cad. That would explain why her father says she is now available.

(2) Girlfriend of Alya. That suggests there might have been other girls at the party, perhaps similarly attired. That means there could be more pictures.

(3) Friend of the Brown parents. Let's not go there.

(4) Mom. She is the only member of the Brown family not in the picture. And she's done some bikini work herself in the 1980s Digney Fignus music video The Girl with the Curious Hand.

The smart money is on a former boyfriend or girlfriend but we bet it was the mother. A father can always say something that will embarrass his daughters. A mother has pictures.

In the category of embarrassing Brown family pictures, no one beats Scott Brown himself for his Cosmo spread.

We are curious about the clams.

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