Thursday, January 21, 2010

Glenn Beck Already Hating on Scott Brown

Two days ago I gave Rush Limbaugh until Friday to be hating on Scott Brown, the newly elected Senator from Massachusetts.

Glenn Beck went off on Scott Brown the very next day:

"I want a chastity belt on this man. I want his every move watched in Washington. I don't trust this guy. I'm just telling you. This one could end with a dead intern. I'm just saying. It could end with a dead intern."

"I'm just saying, congratulations, now let's monitor him, let's put an ankle bracelet on him, let's just know where he is at all times."

A lot of people are having fun with Scott Brown's exuberant touting of his daughter Ayla's availability in his victory speech on election night. Here is what the Boston Globe is reporting:

"Ayla didn’t return our phone call, but told the AP: 'I definitely had a talk with my dad,' adding that she got 1,568 friend requests on Facebook and 300 inbox messages, mostly from men, since he made the remark. She said her father asked former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney 'if he had any more sons he could sell me to.'"

But Glenn Beck did not even wait until Wednesday, publishing this on the Fox News website while the election was still underway Tuesday:

"America has been fighting our battle through the tea parties. Americans are on to the Republicans who are really progressives. We know not to trust someone because they have the 'R' next to their name."

"I mean, I don't trust Scott Brown yet. Americans don't know him. He posed naked in Cosmopolitan magazine back in 1982. I mean — really? I question the judgment of man who thinks anyone wants to see the male body naked: 100 percent of Americans agree naked males should never, ever be seen — ever. We aren't pretty."

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