Saturday, January 2, 2010

Davis Square Theater, Restaurant, and Lounge

Word on the street is that Davis Square in Somerville will be getting an 800 capacity club.

The former space occupied by the Bowl and Board and the Jimmy Tingle Theater along with some additional basement level space has been taken by the Rockwell Restaurant Group, LLC.

Approvals from the various Somerville licensing boards are in the works. The entertainment license would allow shows, plays, music performances, televisions, and juke boxes.

The Jimmy Tingle Theater had a capacity of around 250, and the additional space may bring the whole club up to 800. That has the potential to surpass The Burren and Johnny D's, the current marquis spots for live club music in Davis Square. It could even rival the Middle East in Cambridge.

And who is behind Rockwell Restaurant Group? We hear that it is Ken Kelly, the proprietor of The Independent and Precinct in Union Square. He has certainly made the upstairs, downstairs formula work for him there.

If that is the model, expect three rooms with an upscale feel and menu in one, a bar menu in another, and an expansive club music room for the third. And if they stage plays in that space too, so much the better.

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