Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is Your Kindle Soon to Be Kindling?

OK, I don't get the Kindle. This is the electronic device that is selling to take the place of physical books. You download the book you want to read onto the Kindle wirelessly, assuming it's available for the Kindle, and then you read it on the Kindle.

The Kindle costs $260 for the small size with a 6 inch screen and $490 for the larger 9.7 inch screen. It has a small keyboard and some page navigation controls. So it's supposed to be more convenient, but it's going to take 10 to 20 books before it pays for itself. And that's if the books to read on the Kindle were free. Since they aren't free, you've got even more to read before break even. Assuming you don't break your Kindle and have to replace it, which will set you back further from break even.

Now Microsoft is showing off an enhanced tablet computer made by HP at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These are also called slates, run Windows with a touchscreen rather than a keyboard, and can be used to do lots on the Internet besides just read books.

And Apple is expected to launch its own touchscreen tablet computer later this month, which is expected to cost around $1,000.

Which brings me back to the Kindle. If you have one already, and want to buy one of these new devices, what do you do with your new kindling?

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