Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can 2012 Republicans Close the Twitter Gap?

Twitter follower counts show a big gap between Barack Obama and the 2012 Republican field, mirroring the previously chronicled Facebook gap.

CandidateFollowers on 6/15/2011
Barack Obama8,628,273
Newt Gingrich1,324,904
Donald Trump615,671
Sarah Palin561,050
Mike Huckabee165,040
Mike Bloomberg99,413
Jim DeMint95,266
Bobby Jindal59,598
Paul Ryan59,094
Ron Paul54,455
Michele Bachmann52,100
Mitt Romney51,580
Rick Perry44,438
Herman Cain43,542
Chris Christie42,041
Tim Pawlenty40,981
Jeb Bush14,937
Rick Santorum10,529
Jon Huntsman704
Total Republican Followers3,335,343

For Mitt Romney, the Republican frontrunner, it is clear that not everyone is hanging on his every word. He even trails Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann.

Perhaps it's not the wisest strategy to be at the top of the Twitter list. Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich have made themselves over to be national jokes. Sarah Palin is everywhere ridiculed, and Mike Huckabee would be too if he had not dropped out.

Indeed, Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner was all over Twitter until he spread a little too much of himself over Twitter.

It's a wonder why anyone bothers to talk about about Jon Huntsman, as he is at the bottom of both the Facebook and Twitter lists. He announced Tuesday that he will announce his candidacy next week, but not on Twitter where his feed still says "@jonhuntsman hasn't tweeted yet." I'm sure all 704 of his followers eagerly await his first tweet.

Three weeks ago Herman Cain was on track to cross the Biden line and become a serious contender by mid-July but now it looks like it will be late September. That's not too late but he has lost the momentum he had in April and May. His Twitter numbers also lag.

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