Friday, June 3, 2011

Sarah Palin Storms through Boston to NH

Whether you think of Sarah Palin as the Good Witch of the North or the Wicked Witch of the West, she certainly stormed through Boston.

Wednesday she was eating pizza with Donald Trump in New York City. Thursday morning she was emerging from the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel for a quick tour of the Freedom Trail and the North End.

In between Massachusetts was hit by the worst series of tornadoes in memory, leaving a track of destruction across western and central Massachusetts. And sometime that evening Sarah Palin came right down the Massachusetts Turnpike riding either the crest or the wake of the tornadoes.

Sarah Palin quickly skipped up the yellow brick road to a clambake in Seabrook, New Hampshire. Even our favorite storm chaser, DaTechGuy, couldn't keep up.

Once she reached the Granite State, she was quick to upstage Mitt Romney, exposing him as just a man behind a curtain and not the great and powerful Republican frontrunner he would like to be seen as.

Sarah Palin is a force of nature, this week's bus tour once again proves.I personally think she would have made a fine Vice President. Smarter than Dan Quayle, Al Gore, or Joe Biden. More interesting that Nelson Rockefeller, Walter Mondale, or George H.W. Bush. Less reckless than Lyndon Johnson, Spiro Agnew, or Dick Cheney.

Will she be elected President? I don't think she is running in 2012. I think this bus tour's purpose was to gain material for another book, which she will have written and published by the end of summer. She'll sell the book into the Presidential speculation and then announce she is not running.

Sarah has schooled Mitt Romney on the best revenge being served cold. In 2008 he was disappointed not to be picked for the VP slot. His plants in the McCain campaign threw Sarah under the bus by whispering their complaints to the press. Sarah is now driving the bus and running over anyone she wants. Her fanbase exceeds Romney, the nearest Republican, by a factor of three.

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