Monday, June 13, 2011

People Who Live in Thatched Houses Shouldn't Throw Nuts

First Sarah Palin announced it would be nice to meet her hero former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Then an aide to Baroness Thatcher was reported as responding,

"Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts."
Well, today the news is that Margaret Thatcher will be meeting Sarah Palin. Thatcher earned her reputation in the 1980s as a real nutcracker. No word on the fate of the aide.

Thatcher is a graduate of Oxford University, and in that respect represents the very type of establishment conservative that Sarah Palin lovers hate. So reports of a snub where not well received in certain conservative circles in the United States.

Some theories as to what happened:

(1) Rush Limbaugh, who describes himself as a longtime friend of Thatcher, intervened on Sarah Palin's behalf, and it turns out Thatcher is the original dittohead.

(2) David Cameron, the current Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, realized he would have to meet with Sarah Palin if Thatcher did not and that would be especially awkward as he has pegged Sarah Palin as "hard for us to understand."

(3) Margaret Thatcher's staff was under the mistaken impression that Sarah Heath Palin was the secret daughter of Edward Heath, the Conservative leader who then upstart Thatcher unseated to take power in her party, and now hopes the meeting will bring an end to the "longest sulk in history."

(4) The Conservative Tories resent the Tea Party, in sympathy for their party's forebearer Lord North, who never got paid for the tea dumped in Boston Harbor, but now hope to offset their spilled tea claims with interest against BP's gulf oil spill damage liability.

(5) Thatcher's Tory friends also suspect Sarah Heath Palin of being descended from Massachusetts militia general William Heath, who bloodied the British regulars on their bloody long walk back from Lexington and Concord, but warmed to Sarah Palin's explanation of how Paul Revere sought to "warn the British" on his famous ride.

Actually, despite these competing reports, it is still not clear yet whether Baroness Margaret Thatcher will condescend to meet with Sarah Palin. As for the idea that such a meeting would raise Palin's stature in the eyes of American voters, those Brits have too high an opinion of themselves.

There can be little doubt that Britain and the rest of Europe, both on the right and the left, would not react well if Sarah Palin were elected President of the United States. If you accept their view of the United States as the leader of the free world which should act internationally only for the common interest, then our voters should be acting in trust for the whole free world when we cast our ballots for President.

Disabusing Europe of that trustee notion for once and for all might be the very best reason for a Palin Presidency.

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