Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If Jon Huntsman Fell in the Forest Would Anyone Hear the Sound?

Jon Huntsman is scheduled to annunce that he is running for President on Tuesday, June 21. That's a little comical in itself. If you announce that you're going to anounce haven't you announced?

The big question is why? I have four theories:

(1) Swelled head. One should never underestimated the importance of a swelled head in politics. But this guy doesn't seem to have one.

(2) Obama campaign plant. The idea would be to disrupt the groundswell forming around fellow Mormon Mitt Romney. The problem with this theory is there is no Romney enthusiam to disrupt.

(3) A play for VP from the Anyone but Romney crowd. That might work like this. Sarah Palin gets nominated, and it can be assumed Mitt Romney is too proud to take the VP slot. So she picks Huntsman to assuage the disappointed Mormons.

(4) A play for 2016. Huntsman may think Obama will be reelected and the real chance is to gain exposure for 2016. But why quit your China ambassadorship now?

(5) An excuse to quit the China ambassadorship. I remember when Bill Weld quit as Governor of Massachusetts in mid-term to pursue a nomination for an ambassadorship to Mexico that he had already been told he was not going to be confirmed.

Jon Huntsman has only 4,686 friends on Facebook of which only 381 have confirmed to listen to his live announcement. I know folk musicians with more fans.

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