Monday, September 5, 2011

Fox Poll Hypes Perry and Romney, Downgrades Palin and Bachmann

Fox News has a poll out of GOP voters interviewed August 29-31. In the big Republican field, most of the candidates are struggling for relevancy.

Support for
Pickup from
Too Extreme
to Seriously
Rick Perry2926314
Mitt Romney221844
Sarah Palin-8-12
Ron Paul87110
Michele Bachmann84418
Rudy Giuliani-4--
Herman Cain6423
Mike Huckabee-4--
Newt Gingrich3305
Rick Santorum4313
Chris Christie-2--
Jon Huntsman1102
Gary Johnson01-1-
Buddy Roemer110-

Bad news for Rick Perry: He's in first place but many people consider him too extreme. That will happen when you call the Federal Reserve Chairman appointed by your own political mentor "treasonous."

Bad news for Mitt Romney: This poll confirms Gallup that he is now in second place. But, that takes the pressure off and puts it on Perry going into the first of the fall debates this Wednesday.

Bad news for Michele Bachmann: She would lose up to half her support if Sarah Palin entered the race. And she's in danger of slipping behind Ron Paul, despite her Iowa straw poll win over him in August.

Good news for Sarah Palin: She would come into the race in third position, should she decide to stop running by not running and officially enter the race. Also, people now consider Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul (if they know who he is) more extreme. That helps position Sarah Palin for a political future in 2016 or 2020.

Bad news for Sarah Palin: Fox News asked if Sarah Palin should enter the race and 74% of respondents said no. Sarah's response over the weekend at a Tea Party event in Iowa was characteristically dismissive:

"Polls? Nah... they're for strippers and cross country skiers."
Too bad Fox didn't ask people if Rick Perry or Mitt Romney or any of the other candidates should get out of the race. But the point of this poll was to marginalize Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann by painting one as too late and the other as too extreme.

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