Friday, September 23, 2011

Ron Paul Wins Three Debates in a Row

Here's how last night's Republican debate played out on Facebook, looking at followers picked up since the previous debate.

CandidateTue 9/13 NoonFri 9/23 NoonPickup
Ron Paul505,555519,15113,596
Mitt Romney1,107,2111,118,44411,233
Rick Perry157,088164,8307,742
Herman Cain175,195181,1175,922
Gary Johnson134,036135,5591,523
Newt Gingrich147,433148,8551,422
Jon Huntsman17,44518,5271,082
Rick Santorum27,67928,448769
Michele Bachmann462,233461,806-427

Ron Paul is the big winner of the September debates, at least on Facebook. He picked up the most followers since the last debate, as he did for the 9/12 and 9/7 debates.

Mitt Romney has moved up from third to second, while Rick Perry has fallen down into Herman Cain territory. The bleeding has resumed for Michele Bachmann, with followers actually dropping off after 2 of the last 3 debates.

Gary Johnson was not invited to the 9/12 debate, pickup for him is since 9/16. He practically endorsed Ron Paul during the debate.

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