Monday, September 19, 2011

Glenn Beck for Less Than $1 Per Day

Are you missing your Glenn Beck fix? It's been a dry summer for Glenn Beck fans. But now he's back with

You can feed the addiction at $4.95 per month (or $49.95 per year) or take the even bigger hit for Glenn Beck Plus at $9.95 ($99.95 per year). The includes extras such as Making of GBTV, billed as an exclusive reality program giving a look behind the scenes of the building of GBTV.

This new delivery model could make Glenn Beck rich. For example, if all 2 million of Glenn Beck's followers on Facebook signed up, that would be $100 million in revenue, $200 million if they all signed up for Glenn Beck Plus. It won't do so well if none of them sign up.

And that's a distinct possibility. GBTV has already taken heat from Sarah Palin fans after a joke on Beck's show about her alleged affair with Glen Rice played off of calling Sarah a quitter.

But I suspect there will be some subscribers. And with the show streaming out over the internet, who knows. That guy with the iPad and the headphones at the booth in the trendy lesbian coffee shop may be watching Glenn Beck.

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