Sunday, November 4, 2012

Katy Perry Puts an Exclamation on Forward!

Sometime in the last few days the Obama campaign changed it's slogan from the lame "Forward." to the more compelling "Forward!". But it was Katy Perry who really added the exclamation point at a rally in Wisconsin (where, coincidentally, the state motto is also Forward):

The stage trick was for Katy to strip off this more conservative outfit to reveal the very forward body suit:

Katy did the same stage trick a couple of days earlier in Las Vegas starting from this dress:

The Vegas body suit was a little more flattering, perhaps because it has Mitt Romey's name scrawled across the bottom:

Joe Biden almost got lost in the folds, the lucky old dog, but Paul Ryan got left on the cutting room floor, the victim of a short skirt. I'd like to examine that ballot, and not for hanging chads.

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