Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Wild Sea

We saw the Wild Sea at the Lizard Lounge on Friday, August 1. This six person band, formerly known as Ruth and formerly known as Amusia, really rocked the small basement space with its concrete floor and low ceilings. We thought they were great but can’t really recall the tunes (Amusia does that to you) so we’ll have to go back for more.

They will be playing Toad on Thursday, September 4. As I told my friends, "I can be a Toad on September 4." Better get there early, as we’re afraid the band and all its trappings will fill the place.

Aaron Lippert, formerly of Expanding Man and Godboxer, opened. Aaron's style just seemed to sing out “if there’s a rebound girl here tonight, you’re going home with me.” Maybe not our taste, but perfect for the Lizard Lounge. We didn’t stay to closing, so we can’t say how good he is.

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