Saturday, August 23, 2008

Market in the Square

I’ve been eagerly awaiting what would become of the Sage Building at the corner of Brattle Street and Church Street. I loved the old Sage grocery store and especially its lunch counter (Thursday was burrito day) which closed in 2000. The Sprint cell phone store that followed was not much use and that closed in 2005 (how often do you need a new cell phone?). So I noticed when the Market in the Square opened in June.

The Market has the late 2000s look: high ceilings, big windows, bright lights at night, and 24/7 schedule. They have a hot food and salad bar that goes at $6.99 per pound. I haven’t yet gotten out for less than $10. They also have sushi (not my style), a deli counter, and $6.50 tortilla wrap sandwiches (roasted turkey, peppers, spinach, horseradish - yummy). I’m told the new owners are Korean and are trying to replicate a style that has become very common in NYC. I haven’t been to NYC recently so can’t vouch for that

In early July one of our new coworkers was giving directions and said, “walk up Story Street go left at the Market.” “Wait a minute,” I said, “that place has been open only a couple of weeks, you can’t use it as a landmark for giving directions yet.” But that’s the way Harvard Square works. New people come for school or jobs, and for them whatever is there then is Harvard Square. So the Market is the new landmark. I hope it’s a keeper.

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