Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Upper Crust

I must admit that when the Museum of Useful Things in Harvard Square closed I didn't really notice. I had been in the place once or twice, enough to know that it was some sort of shop and not a museum. And then one day it was gone.

So I was curious when there was suddenly a crowd of people outside, and even more curious when I discovered that the new establishment was a pizzeria called The Upper Crust. As the 49 Brattle Street location at the corner of Brattle and Story Street is just a block from my office, The Upper Crust required immediate investigation.

Unfortunately, the new place aspires to be one of those high-end pizza joints, with offerings like White Clam, White Shrimp, and the Hingham (scallops and bacon). The Lexington (lobster fra diavlo) tops out the menu at $25 for a large pie (most of the large pizzas are $17 to $21). Still I tried the “slice of the day,” which that day was spinach and broccoli with feta cheese. I will admit it was a nice thin crust pizza. Can’t beat the proximity.

The Upper Crust is now open for delivery and takeout only, but will open for in house dining August 12th. Love the delivery bikes with mounted pizza box.

Note: I see that the prices at my old favorite Bertucci’s are now in essentially the same $18 to $20 range. Harvard Square already has its high-end pizza joint in Cambridge 1 on Church Street featuring an ultra-thin crust that is in a different experience entirely.

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