Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Remember the Alamo

“Since you have chosen to elect a man with a timber toe to succeed me, you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.” – Davy Crockett

With Barack Obama winning handily in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, and his next-door-neighbor Wisconsin and his home state Hawaii up next week, Hillary Clinton has decided to make her stand in the Texas primary on March 4.

This brings to mind the legendary Davy Crockett, who lit out for Texas after losing a Congressional election in Tennessee. He ended up at the Alamo during the Texas revolution for independence from Mexico. And after a 13 day siege by the Mexican Army, while the provisional Texas government argued over whether to send relief forces, the Alamo was overrun on March 6, 1836.

So, Hillary intends to defend Texas, while the Democratic Party argues about super delegates. My advice, Hillary, is to remember the Alamo.

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