Friday, February 15, 2008

John McCain's predicament

Q: Don’t you get the feeling McCain is going to blow up at some point. He’s getting the creepy label for some reason and that’s never good.

A: Yes, one has to fear the McCain implosion. He always has before. Maybe this time will be different.

Q: So where is this leading for the Republicans? Is Huckabee forcing McCain to the right as I have heard some commentators say? Lots of Dems and Independents seem to like McCain over Clinton or Obama. What's that going to mean?

A: Huckabee says he will stay in until McCain clinches with 1191 delegates. That will probably happen no later than March 4. McCain may have to pick a conservative running mate. Ideally, he would pick someone trusted by conservatives but who hasn’t made a name as a polarizing figure. For example:

Charlie Crist, governor of Florida (favor is owed?)
Mike Huckbee (props to his voters?)
Elizabeth Dole (go after the woman’s vote?)

Mitt Romney (not trusted)
Rudy Guiliani (polarizing, not trusted)
Condaleeza Rice (polarizing)

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