Friday, February 8, 2008

RE: Fat Tuesday didn't sing

Q: Is Ohio is in a position to make a difference with our vote on March 4? The polls I have seen project Hillary and McCain as big winners here.

A: Ohio on March 4 may well be a deciding factor.

Today’s news that Romney has dropped out pretty much leaves McCain the winner. Huckabee says he will stay in, but CNN now shows 714 delegates for McCain and only 181 for Huckabee, so that is largely a formality. McCain needs just 477 more delegates to make it official, which he can do easily if he wins just half of the 1,184 delegates up for grabs between now and March 4. With some booing McCain today at CPAC (conservative political action committee meeting), McCain probably needs to beat Huckabee a few more times without really looking like he is trying so the conservatives can feel they fought the good fight.

Barack has the momentum but Hillary technically has the lead, so there is no reason for either of them to quit just yet. As of today per CNN, Hillary has 1033 delegates versus 937 for Barack, with 2025 needed to clinch. There are 1040 delegates up for grabs between now and March 4 (596 in February and 444 on March 4). That’s not enough to clinch absent a sweep by one side or the other. But Hillary may be running out of money – she loaned her campaign $5 million and Barack says he already raised that and more online.

Q: I noticed Bill Richardson was on the ballot in MA, even though he's withdrawn from the race. Did you vote for him?

A: I noticed that too. What should you do when the candidate that you think is best qualified has suspended his campaign, but his name still appears on the ballot?

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