Friday, October 12, 2012

Laughin' Joe Biden Serves Up the Malarkey

Joe Biden was in a no win situation going into last night's VP debate. If he lost, that could have been fatal to the Obama reelection campaign. If he won, that would have made President Obama look bad by comparison.

Surprisingly, Joe managed the almost perfect result by eking out a tie. Well, CNN called it a tie, but with an instant reaction survey showing 48% for Ryan and 44% for Biden, most of us would call that a 4% loss for Biden.

What was less than perfect was Joe's malarkey of extensive eye-rolling, grimacing, and laughing in reaction to almost every Paul Ryan answer and even some Martha Raddatz questions during the first half of the debate. It was like Joe drunk-blogged it. He did sober up a bit towards the end of the debate. True, there have been worse Biden debacles.

The angry white man act is getting a little old for a man who is Vice President of the United States, assistant leader of the free world, not a back-bencher for the opposition party. Paul Ryan, on the other hand, successfully avoided getting painted as the extremist he is played as on MSNBC.

Update: When you've lost Tom Brokaw ...

Update: Joe Biden says what he means:

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