Monday, September 24, 2012

Low Information Voters of America Unite!

SNL has seized on the latest conceit that undecided voters are low information decision makers who don't really follow politics and often lack a basic understanding of how our country's political system works.

It seems a little early to be complaining about voters who haven't yet made up their minds, when the first debate isn't scheduled until October 3 and the last debate isn't until October 22.

The true low information voters are the ones decide based on the Ds and Rs even before the candidates are selected. That's right, decided voters are the true low information voters.


buddeshepherd said...

What about None of the Above voters of the world Unite! I hate short-pants wearing sell your grandma for a buck Republicans as much as the You can't hug your kid with Nuclear arms and apologize for slavery crowd on the other side.
What about a "Don't spend my money and leave me the $%^&* alone and if you want to marry your hairy friend do it, but don't expect me to invite you to dinner" voting block. Why don't we get a voice?

Left Bank of the Charles said...

None of the Above, now you're talking!

It seems to me that there should be a minimum number of votes you have to get to be elected, like 50% of the voting age population.

Then if no candidate gets enough votes they have to call a special election and in the meantime the seat sits vacant.