Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CNN Books a Truther for Rosh Hashanah

Last night Piers Morgan spent his entire CNN show on an interview with 9/11 truther Jesse Ventura.

It started innocently enough, with Jesse describing the tactic of cut and run:
VENTURA: Well, absolutely. When our country's attacked in any way, shape or form, we need to pull together, we need to come together, not separate at that point. I mean, you want my -- what I would do over there? I would do what the pinnacle of the Republican Party, the hero, whatever, modern day Ronald Reagan did.

Do you recall when our -- back in the '80s when the barracks in Lebanon was hit --


VENTURA: -- then over 200 Marines were killed, did Ronald Reagan go to war? No, he got us the hell out of there. And that's where I stand on this. If these people don't want us over there, let's close our embassies, I stand with Ron Paul, let's get rid of foreign aid altogether. Because as Ron Paul put it, the definition of foreign aid, that's taking from America's poor and giving it to another country's rich.
Then they got into the subject of America being the world's sole remaining superpower:
MORGAN: America remains a superpower. And America --

VENTURA: Sure we are.

MORGAN: And all superpowers, I believe, have a responsibility to other countries around the world. Now it may --

VENTURA: I don't.

MORGAN: Really?


MORGAN: You don't think Americans have any involvement in any country in the world?

VENTURA: Sure we can have involvement if they ask us. Since when should we be the world's policeman? Why do we have military bases in 160-something countries? We have no -- no foreign country has a base here. Imagine if Hugo Chavez decided to buy 1,000 acres of land by Palm Springs and move the Venezuelan military in there?

What do you think our reaction would be to that? Yet we have multiple bases in Korea, multiple bases in Japan, multiple bases in Germany. And Piers, last time I checked, those wars were over 60 years ago. Why are we still there?
Then the subject turned to President George W. Bush:
MORGAN: However many gaffes Mitt Romney may be making --


MORGAN: -- he is a very experienced, successful businessman. Could he not do a better job?

VENTURA: Well, first of all, they posed the question, are you better off today than you were four years ago? I would say, yes. George Bush and Dick Cheney are gone. So no matter what (APPLAUSE) we're better off today than we were four years ago.
Then Jesse floats the idea the CIA may be behind the latest uprisings in the Midle East:
MORGAN: What we're all agreed on is that the death of Osama bin Laden was a good thing. But be honest, is America any safer now than it was when he was killed? Or from all we're seeing now in the Middle East, all the uprisings, all the kind of reverse Arab Spring, if you like, are you concerned that it may be a hornet nest getting out of control?

VENTURA: No, because I think a lot of times these uprisings are orchestrated, I believe. I believe in the works of Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, when he said nothing just happens, everything is planned. I truly believe that.

So these uprisings that are happening right now, we don't know really who is behind them. They could be our own CIA.

MORGAN: Did we know --

VENTURA: -- helping to do it. Who knows.
That should have been the signal to wrap things up but Piers kept Jesse going:
MORGAN: I think that it's clear one of the main reasons America went into Afghanistan was to try and get al Qaeda dismantled, the organization which committed the 9/11 attack.

VENTURA: Really?
And going and going:
MORGAN: What would you have done on September 12th, 2001? What would you have done if you'd been president?

VENTURA: What would I have done? I would have done a legitimate investigation to find out what exactly happened on 9/11. How did they know who did this so quickly like they did Lee Harvey Oswald, how quick they knew Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy?

MORGAN: Because the people who did it were identified and we knew who they were.

VENTURA: Why couldn't we have stopped them beforehand if they were identified and we knew who they were.

MORGAN: It was a failure of intelligence.

VENTURA: No it wasn't. We knew before. Condoleezza Rice's memo on August 6th when it stated right in the memo, bin Laden to steal planes and run them into buildings. And more stuff is coming out now also, how much the Bush administration ignored the intelligence. It was almost like they ignored it because they wanted it to happen.

MORGAN: Oh, come on, Jesse.

VENTURA: No, not, oh come off it. Wait a minute --

MORGAN: No, no, no --

VENTURA: Every war starts with a false flag operation.
And then Jesse went after Piers Morgan's beloved BBC:
MORGAN: You cannot say that any member of the Bush administration knew it was going to happen and wanted it to happen. It's a ridiculous thing to say.

VENTURA: Ridiculous. OK. Let's talk about your BBC. I have a tape of a BBC reporter broadcasting directly back to England talking about a third building has collapsed, World Trade Center Building Seven, talks for seven minutes. All the while she's talking, World Trade Center Building Seven is still standing right behind her. It didn't fall for another half hour. Yet they were doing a pre- broadcast back to England --


VENTURA: Yes, it's true. That this building fell and it hadn't fallen yet.

MORGAN: If you're trying to make out the British Broadcasting Company, one of the most respected news organizations in the world, was inventing huge buildings falling over.

VENTURA: They did.
That was finally enough for Piers to call for a commercial break, but Jesse pressed on with the truther conspiracy theory:
MORGAN: Back with Jesse Ventura live along with our studio audience. We left a heated debate about various theories you have about 9/11 and so forth. Let's move on --

VENTURA: And the government only has a theory.

MORGAN: Right. Well, the government has factual --

VENTURA: Theirs is a theory. Their theory is 19 Islamic radicals, armed with box cutters, defeated our multi-billion dollar air defense system, all while conspiring with a bearded guy in a cave in Afghanistan.

MORGAN: That is exactly what happened.

VENTURA: That's their theory.
The interview finally came around to Iran:
MORGAN: Let's move on. Let's move on to Iran and Israel. If you were the American President, with all the jungle drums beating now about Iran, would you take any military action?

VENTURA: Well, first, let me state that Iran has to do this. Because if you notice, the United States doesn't mess with any country that's got nuclear capabilities. They only mess with countries that don't. So all countries that don't have it strive to get it, because it's a safety mechanism to have it. So, of course, Iran's going to try to get the stuff.

MORGAN: Should they be allowed to have it?

VENTURA: Should they be allowed to? I don't know.

MORGAN: Yes or no.

VENTURA: I don't know.
That finally got Piers' dander up:
MORGAN: You know about everything that happened before 9/11. But right now when you have Iran potentially nuking itself up, you don't have an opinion.

VENTURA: Well, let's leave that up to the nuclear inspectors that go in there. They will tell us whether they're nuking it up before you decide to bomb them.
So there you have it, courtesy of CNN. The recent killing of our Ambassador in Libya was a false flag operation by our CIA, designed to be used a pretext for war with Iran.

Jesse Ventura says he may run for President in 2016 if he can get on the ballot in all 50 states and is promised a seat at the debates. If that is allowed to happen, he just might win. I can see the bumper stickers now, "Ventura for Truth 2016."

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