Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama Second to None as Romney Closes Gap

The last presidential primary was held Utah yesterday. All through the early months of the Republican primaries we heard about the enthusiasm gap, the lack of enthusiasm among Republican voters for frontrunner Mitt Romney.

That enthusiasm gap has disappeared with Romney closing out with more primary votes than John McCain in 2008 and second-highest primary vote total among Republican nominees going all the way back to Ronald Reagan.

Republican Year Votes
Mitt Romney 2012 9,685,780
John McCain 2008 9,615,533
George W. Bush 2004 7,853,863
George W. Bush 2000 12,034,676
Bob Dole 1996 9,024,742
George H.W. Bush 1992 9,199,463
George H.W. Bush 1988 8,253,512
Ronald Reagan 1984 6,484,987
Ronald Reagan 1980 7,709,793

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has been running in Democratic primaries of his own. These primaries lacked a serious challenger to be sure, but as a show of support for the President, the results exhibit a serious lack of enthusiasm, not so much an enthusiasm gap as an enthusiasm chasm.

Democrat Year Votes
Barack Obama 2012 6,158,064
Barack Obama 2008 17,584,692
John Kerry 2004 9,930,497
Al Gore 2000 10,626,568
Bill Clinton 1996 9,706,802
Bill Clinton 1992 10,482,411
Michael Dukakis 1988 9,898,750
Walter Mondale 1984 6,952,912
Jimmy Carter 1980 10,043,016

Only 35% of Obama's primary voters from 2008 came out for him again in 2012. He got the least primary votes of any Democratic nominee since Jimmy Carter in 1980. In fact, less than any Democratic or Republican nominee since 1980.

Let's compare the 2012 Barack Obama primary vote to some past second-place primary finishers. Yes, he beats John McCain's 2000 primary total. But he trails Hillary Clinton (2008), Ted Kennedy (1980), and even Jesse Jackson (1988).

Second Place Year Votes
Barack Obama 2012 6,158,064
Hillary Clinton 2008 17,857,501
John McCain 2000 6,061,332
Jesse Jackson 1988 6,788,991
Ted Kennedy 1980 7,381,693

What conclusion to take from so many Democratic voters sitting out of this historic poor vote showing? Six million votes is a second place finish. Barack Obama lost the 2012 primaries to None of the Above.

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