Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Battle of the Ivy League Law Professors

In this corner we have Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren, putative Cherokee. A group of four Cherokee women have arrived in Boston to examine her credentials.

But wait, Warren says they were sent by a right wing extremist who has (gasp!) given money to Scott Brown. Is this more nefarious Koch brothers money? No, $250 against Martha Coakley is the sum in question.

And who then is this evil right wing plotter? Cornell Law School Professor William Jacobson. Yes, it's between the Ivies.

Meanwhile, back at the tepee the Cherokee women want to meet Elizabeth Warren and give her a surprise present for her birthday Friday.

They need go further than Professor Jacobson's blog, Legal Insurrection, where Professor Warren's campaign is running ads to sign her birthday card. That's right, she's buying multiple ads on his blog. Score this round to Cornell.

If Harvard wants to get back in the ring, I'd suggest they hit back with a challenge. I understand there's an open debate spot at the Kennedy Institute. My advice to the home team, don't send left wing extremist Roberto Unger.

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