Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Debate for People's Seat at Ted Kennedy Institute

In the category, what did you expect?
Senator Scott Brown, how would you like to debate progressive challenger Elizabeth Warren on the progressive MSNBC network at the progressive Kennedy Institute established in memory of former Senator Ted Kennedy and run by his widow Vicki?
If I were Scott Brown I might have responded,
Professor Warren, how about if we debate on Fox News in the old Indian burial grounds on Chappaquiddick?
But Scott being more politic instead said he would do it but had a couple of conditions:
(1) MSNBC can't host because no one who would vote for me will be caught dead watching that network.

(2) We can't have a supposedly fair debate at the Kennedy Institute and then have Vicki Kennedy turn around the next day and endorse Elizabeth Warren.
Now Vicki's people are running around saying how unprecedented it is for Vicki to be asked to pledge not to endorse one of the candidates as a precondition to hosting a debate. Elizabeth Warren just seems a little befuddled by the whole debate business:

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