Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dread Pirate Roberts Joins the Tax and Spend Marauders

When you are right, you are right:
"My prediction is that the individual mandate is ruled constitutional as a tax but not as an affirmative requirement that you must go out and buy health insurance."
Chief Justice John Roberts broke ranks with his fellow Republicans to join the Democrats on the U.S. Supreme Court in upholding the ObamaCare individual mandate under the power of Congress to tax.

States who don't want to participate in the Medicaid expansion necessary to fully achieve Obamacare's expanded coverage targets will face with the hard choice of turning down what Justice Elana Kagan called "a boatload of money to take and spend."

Remember, the damsel in distress only gets rescued at the end of the movie, and only if she wants to be rescued.

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