Tuesday, November 9, 2010

That's Where I Call Home Too

Country music up-and-comer Jara Johnson shot a music video this past summer on her family's farm near Clarinda, Iowa. Who can resist a taste of honey waiting down the dusty road. That's what I call home too.

Jara is another in growing line of musicians and writers coming out of Southwest Iowa these days. For years now George McGargill has been the singing farmer from Iomogene. Bedford author James Lucas published Birth in a Chicken House in 1999. And now two authors with local connections have just burst onto the Christian Lit scene.

Local Shari Barr who has been sending Camp Club Girl McKenzie on mystery adventures in Montana and Oregon, and soon to Missouri and Iowa.

Married-to-a-native Rachelle McCalla has set her Holyoake Heroes series in Southwest Iowa. Out on a Limb came out in Septmember 2010. Danger on Her Doorstep comes out in January 2011 and Dead Reckoning in July 2011.

You can find all three newcomers at Amazon.com: Jara Johnson (also iTunes), Shari Barr, and Rachelle McCalla.

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